Do you ever feel like life sometimes runs at 100 miles per hour? You’re juggling many different things at once? Have you taken a moment just to assess how your time is being used? Whether you have enough balance?

It’s easy to get caught up in the motions, and feel like there are a number of things happening at once. I for one have struggled to find the balance in life at times. You commit yourself to a number of different things, and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of getting it all done.

Balance is completely important in everyday life. It contributes to our health and our happiness, and this is why I think we should absolutely create balance. It’s not easy, but is a necessity that should be incorporated in our day to day.

We balance work, as well as our families, friends, activities and other things. Too much of something can cause us to burn out. For example, work – it’s a vital part of our lives, but too much of it can cause us stress. Food, we can’t get enough of it (well I can’t!) but too much of it can make us ill, or trying to be a perfectionist – we all know being organised is great, but becoming too obsessed with this can cause you to become stressed too.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is one the biggest challenges we face nowadays, but the key to this is living a life of moderation. Let’s not allow ourselves to be living in extremes, and overwhelming ourselves with trying to get it all done. As well as working hard, and committing ourselves, we also need to enjoy ourselves; we need to enjoy life.

Life really can be black and white if we make it so. There is balance in everything, even through our sense of fashion. I like to balance my style based on how I am feeling, against the situation I am in – with practicality and appropriateness.

Don’t just make a living, try to enjoy the process, and enjoy everything that comes in between. Don’t neglect your loved ones, make time for what is important in equal measures, and enjoy your time.

Set yourself goals to meet, reflect on everything you are doing in life and balance yourself between effort and downtime. It’s a journey and it’s a process, but once you incorporate these things into your everyday, there is no reason you can’ be on the road to a happier and healthier way of living.

So how do you create balance in your life?

S x


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