I have always been brought up to believe that through all kinds of hardship, diversity, setbacks and failures, you should remain hopeful, and have faith that things will work out just as they are meant to.

When you’re faced with these things, or you feel like you are constantly battling with various emotions, it can be hard to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I wrote a post a year ago about how I had been feeling a little up and down in the months that had passed, and had wondered where my journey was heading. I decided to let go, and focus on myself, and started to believe that my time would come. In those moments I had faith that everything would start to fall in to place.

And just like that, it did. Things started to shift, and I found my journey started to head in the direction I was hoping for. That’s not to say that I haven’t had any other setbacks along the way. Life can be a battle, and there can always be something we are all trying to deal with. But it is our attitude to these situations that determine the process.

We are all on different journeys in this life, everyone’s path is different, and that is absolutely fine. Sometimes we get frustrated at the way things are happening, without appreciating the things we already have, and understanding that things take time.

Many of us face difficulties in our lives, and this could be anything – small or big, and this empowering Monday post is a message and reminder to you all to have hope and keep faith that all things will work out, just as they are supposed to.  

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I would have had an opportunity to write and express myself through this blog, in fact I didn’t believe I had the confidence. But I’ve persevered, and although there is still a lot more to do to grow, I have faith I am on the right track. I also have the most amazing support and back up from my partner who truly believes in this passion, which is something I am so grateful for, this I also had faith that I would eventually find. I also have great support from family and friends.

Whatever you are going through, whatever hopes and fears, it’s important to believe that it will all work out, just as it is suppose to.

S x


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