Lockdown Lifestyle: The 5 Essential Mood Lifters for Women During Isolation

So here we are entering the 7th week of lockdown and in what feels like an eternity, is shooting by in a flash at the same time. Regardless, lockdown has well and truly become the new norm and with little sign of things changing for the foreseeable, adopting a positive mindset to follow this new way of life is vital.

The 5 points below have helped me remain calm and peaceful during this time, and has brought me the joy I have needed. I hope they will for you too!

Maintaining a regular routine

If you’re like me, some late night Netflix binging and morning lay ins can be extremely tempting! However, sustaining a sense of routine is crucial to our long-term well-being. Waking up nice and early allows us to structure our days. I wake up at 7 each morning with a coffee and my daily devotional read which sets me up with a strong purpose.

Taking up a new activity or hobby

Working from home and consumed by the endless zoom meetings? Tired of watching your colleagues transport themselves to make believe areas across the world or sat beside Joe Exotic form Tiger King? Yep, I hear you. That’s why a different kind of activity can be all you need to boost your spirit! So why not use pockets of time to learn a new skill, or expand on things you already enjoy. I have been broadening my cooking skills and experimenting more with a range of dishes, taking inspiration from cookbooks in my kitchen. ‘Eat Beautiful’ by Wendy Rowe is now my new best friend to the dismay of my fiancé, although in this case his stomach would argue that! She has taught me to bring out my creative cooking flare and I always feel a sense of achievement having accomplished a new recipe.

Doing a form of exercise

I have started online Yoga classes and have committed to this every morning. It’s calming and also teaches you about being in control of your mind and body through meditation. I’ve stretched muscles I didn’t even realise I had! My hips, thighs and butt will thank me later that’s for sure. If Yoga isn’t quite your thing, then why not use your one form of exercise a day to get out and go for a walk or run in the fresh air. Being in the outdoors is so liberating, even if it is just for a limited amount of time. There are many exercise classes available online now too, from dance to hiit classes that will get your adrenaline well and truly pumping.

Maintaining yourself

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that it can be hard to take real care of ourselves, let’s be honest! I for one am terrible at taking care of my natural hair. My hairdresser will tell you those weaves are left in for far too long, because I simply just don’t have the time (or make the time) to treat my 4C straw like curly coils every week. It.is.a.chore. I tell you. But lockdown has set my natural prisoner hair free, and it’s nourishing in the comfort of love. From deep conditioning, to scalp massages and texture care; I feel so much better for it. Treat yourself to a home manicure and pedicure too, once we’re out of lockdown you won’t even need a trip to the salon! I’ve spent time investing in facial skin care as well, having not worn any make up whilst at home which has allowed my skin to breathe. But when I’ve felt like I want to enhance my natural look and wake up my skin, I’ve pulled out my make-up bag and put on some slap.

Creating a happy space

I for one, absolutely heart a haven. When the space around me is cosy and comforting, I feel good. Our space is an extension of our personalities, and this should be reflected through how we organise it. So, tidy your wardrobes, cupboards and dispose of all the unnecessary clutter around you. Clean those surfaces and hoover the floor. Add small touches to your living space too. A plant or flowers, some nice wall art, or cushions and throws are wonderful. I love candles and have them placed in every room in my flat, they look chic and smell good too. Whatever is personal to you should be shown through your living space, and this in return should bring you the joy you need.

S x


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    May 4, 2020 / 20:53

    Good piece

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