Saying No

It’s natural and inevitable in life that we want to please others. I think the thought of disappointing people, especially those close to us isn’t very nice.

It’s also inevitable that we would think that saying ‘yes’ to everything puts us in a stronger position. But are we really helping ourselves when we do this?

There was a point in my life when I used to feel constant guilt about letting someone down. Almost so that at times, I would think of their happiness over mine, and this seems to be the problem in a lot of situations in many of our lives. As we navigate through life, we don’t want to disappoint, so we say yes to everything, and the more we do this, the harder it becomes to say no.

The importance of saying no is vital to living a happy and stress free life. And what we need to remember is that by saying no, does not make us bad people.

When being asked to do something by someone, ask yourself a few questions – are you benefiting from this in anyway? Is this bringing you anything positive? Are you truly happy with what you are being asked? If the answer to these questions are no – then, that’s your overall answer! Of course, it may not seem as simple as that, and sometimes perhaps sometimes it isn’t. But if you know deep down that you are not happy about saying yes to something, say no!

We all need to know our own values, and we should also realise that our self-worth does not depend on how much we please people, or how much we do for them. We shouldn’t feel trapped or conformed to anyone. We each have our own voice, and we should be confident enough to use it, without feeling guilty.

We should all take control of our own lives, because after all, that’s the key to our happiness.

S x


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