The Road to Success

What is success? And how do we define it? More importantly, what does it mean to you?

I want to be successful. I want to accomplish my dreams, my desires, my goals. I want to make my family and close loved ones proud. But most of all, I want to make myself proud.

There are many different ideologies of success. One would argue that it means earning lots of money, another would argue that it means being famous, having people admire and idolise you. These are probably society’s ideas of what success is. But when we really think about it, isn’t success what we make it?

It’s important to establish in our lives that we should not be restricted to thinking that success means conforming to specific rules, in particular ones that are mapped out to us from society to what we believe should be right. In theory there is no right or wrong answer to what success is. You decide your own destiny.

First and foremost, your happiness is most important. For me being happy means having a good state of mind, feeling healthy, and feeling secure within myself. All this can be accomplished through goals I specifically set for myself. At the start of this year, I set myself a number of things I wanted to achieve throughout the course of the year that I felt would help me develop myself, and overall provide me with happiness and fulfilment. As I feel that I work towards these goals step by step, this to me already labels me as being successful.

Albert Schweitzer wrote “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”

I think this quote really resonated with me because is it signifies the importance of loving what you do, in all forms. If you love what you do, and you are happy, then you will be successful.

Success ultimately comes from achieving your goals and accomplishing your dreams, not matter how big or small they may be. If success to you is making millions of pounds, then that is yours to achieve. If it’s overcoming a fear, then this is also yours in the making. Whichever way you perceive success, as long as you are following your own heart, then you are already successful.

Do what you love, and do your best.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it”

                                                                                                Mary Angelou

S x


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