Things I’ve Learnt From Sex And The City

It’s been 21 years since the hit HBO series graced our late night screens, and as one of the most iconic shows of our time, Sex and the City has left a lasting legacy, probably in every woman’s lives.

For me, the Sex and the City craze started much later down the show’s time line, in fact it served a place in my heart long after the show had finished airing. Amongst all the hype around it, I never found myself drawn or interested in the series, I was living in a bubble of my own, and this is probably part of the reason why I was slightly clueless about relationships and dating in my earlier years. I lived off the idea that romance was a complete fairytale, and any kind of interest shown from a boy meant that they really liked you, were in awe of you, were your prince charming, and you would live happily ever after. Nonetheless, I received my reality check overtime.

After the success of the TV show came the films, and I actually watched these before even watching the TV series! I was intrigued by the first film, being introduced into the world of these successful and stylish four women. I obviously knew the premise of the show, but was not invested at all, just entertained by the current story of the film. All my friends had watched and were completely obsessed by these women. In fact, most women I know had seen the show.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago when I went through a really bad break up, that my best friend introduced me to the series box set and insisted I watched them all. From there, I embarked on my Sex and the City journey, and have never looked back since! I am now well and truly invested, and as a woman in my early 30s, completely understand the ideas, concepts and in fact, realities surrounding the show. I also can’t get enough of the fashion, style and sophistication, as well as the fact that it’s set in my favourite city in the world! I now own the box set myself, and see it as one the best TV shows of our time.

So here are the key things I have learned from Sex and the City, which I also think are life lessons to us all:

Friendship is everything

Friendships last a lifetime, without our friends, we would have a pretty hard time navigating some of the ups and downs of life. Our true friends lift us up when we are low, they laugh and cry with us, they are there in our deepest and darkest hours. True friendships never die, and Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda proved this, always there for one another no matter what. Carrie even walked the million blocks of Manhattan (perhaps a slight exaggeration!) in the blistering snow just so that Miranda wasn’t alone on New Year’s Eve. Friends rock, and you’ll know who your true friends are as you navigate life.

It’s ok to be yourself

If it’s one thing these four women are not afraid to do, it’s to be themselves. Each of them have their own unique vision on life, and they’re not afraid to embrace this at all. Carrie, although a lot of the time made some questionable decisions, always stayed true to what she wanted, and reached for her dreams despite what others told her, and despite the prospect of failing. Charlotte, with her optimistic charm and charisma, knew exactly what she wanted. She dreamed and hoped she would find love (the kind of prince charming love that I believed), partly why I relate to her slightly, and she wasn’t afraid to reach these goals. She wanted a family of her own, and she was finally able to achieve that, and all she did in the run up to this was stay true to herself. Miranda was totally self-driven, and although quite pessimistic, looked more at the reality of situations, often quite blunt at times, and basing her decisions on these ideas, which also worked out for her. And our dear Samantha! I mean this women was just not afraid to bare her complete self in every sense of the word! She stayed completely true to herself, and also proved how loyal she was as a friend. Always there for her girls no matter what, in fact – we all need a friend like Samantha. When it came to the ideology of love, I always stayed true to myself and wore my heart on my sleeve. After some disappointing experiences I built a wall to protect myself, and still tried to stay true to myself, and knowing my worth. Although I was still hurt in this process, I eventually did meet my prince charming and get the happily ever after I hoped for.

It’s ok to want a closet like Carrie Bradshaw

Lets face it, Carrie’s closet was to die for. Some of her outfits were slightly on the ridiculous side, but she oozed glamour, and made us all want a walk in wardrobe as perfectly obtained as hers. Her passion for fashion made any fashionista want to work hard to obtain the same glory. And I’m working towards that walk in wardrobe, don’t you worry.

Love shouldn’t be complicated, Love is simple

As I’m sure we have all learned over the years, love shouldn’t be complicated, in fact it should be straightforward. Carrie’s love life was pretty turbulent to say the least, and in my personal opinion, I feel as though she made some pretty stupid decisions in her relationships. First of all Mr Big. As ‘charming’ as he was, in my controversial opinion I think was quite a terrible partner. He messed her around for years, was a complete commitment phobe, and after ten years of dating, and asking Carrie to marry him, he jilted her at the alter! I’m pretty sure most sensible women would have gotten rid of him long ago. To top it off, she dated Aiden, who was a complete gentleman, would do anything for her, was totally committed to her and loved her with all his heart, yet he didn’t seem to be enough for her, and she even cheated on him, with Mr BIG! – which is definitely not ok. Carrie seemed to want the perfect guy to sweep her of her feet, but at the same time didn’t seem to be satisfied when she got it. The moral of this story is, if a man truly likes you, if he wants you, he will stop at nothing to get you. No excuses, no games, it’s very very simple. If you have to chase, chances are it’s not going to work. And although Carrie and Mr big eventually ended up together, it still wasn’t smooth sailing. We as women have all been messed around in the past, but what’s important is that you know your worth in these situations, and if you find yourself being played around in anyway, take control, because eventually the right person will come along, and treat you exactly how you deserve.

Forgiveness is important

Everyone makes mistakes in life, and a lot of the characters on this show through relationships and friendships made mistakes. But in order to be at peace with yourself and to move on, you must forgive. That doesn’t mean that you are allowing those who wronged you a free pass, it doesn’t mean you have to allow them back into your lives, it means you are allowing yourself to be free from any more pain. We must learn to forgive so that we ourselves can be free.

So the moral of this Empowering Monday post is, Sex and the City is everything.

S x

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