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Fearne Cotton is a successful TV and Radio presenter, gracing screens since the age of 15. Throughout the years, she has hosted a number of shows from children’s TV, to Top of the Pops and Radio 1, where she was the first regular female presenter. She has also dipped her hands in fashion, and designed her own range of clothing for very.co.uk, as well as releasing beauty and toiletry products for Boots. But it is her work creating a happy and healthy lifestyle that has really captivated me.

In 2018, Fearne launched the podcast ‘Happy Place’ in which she has candid discussions with different personalities ranging from topics about love, loss and all round happiness. Each week, she sits down with the likes of people such as Stephen Fry, Davina McCall and Emma Willis to discuss how their experiences have shaped them. There are discussions on depression, anxiety, the pressures of society and the industry, with everything in between. Through these discussions, Fearne also talks about her own battle with anxiety.

Fearne has openly discussed occasions where she has had panic attacks, which is why she has devoted a lot of her time in becoming a well-being ambassador. After these occurrences, she assessed her work/life balance and decided to focus on the things that would feed her well-being in a positive way. Fearne talking about this is encouraging in that it allows others to know that this is a normal part of life that people go through, inspiring people to assess their own health and happiness, and offering advice and tips on how to cope with these.

“If I want to be a good mum, a good wife and friend and person who an be capable at work, I need to take care of myself” (Fearne Cotton)

This is something that resonates with me as I believe in the importance of looking after yourself both physically and mentally. I’ve listened to many podcasts in the past year and Happy Place is one I have a soft spot for because it’s pure, meaningful and real. I even love the opening theme tune – an acoustic guitar melody that is so calm, whilst really feeding the soul.

As well as the podcast, Fearne has written a number of books ranging from self-advice, to cooking and Yoga, for babies! She has also been involved in a number of charitable organisations, and 10 years ago, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, something I very much admire.

As a women of influence in the industry, her positive messages are encouraging, especially to the younger generation, and people who struggle with their mental health, teaching society that many people go through these issues, and there is always a solution.

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