Women Wednesday Wisdom – Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is a business woman and entrepreneur. She also happens to be a bad ass fashionista. Taking the fashion world by storm with her polished and sophisticated outfits, she is a modern style icon who epitomises the idea of not being afraid to go all out with her looks and setting her own trends. She also happens to share the same birth day and year as me, so I think there is a sense of connection there!

Born in New York (which just happens to be my favourite city, the connection just gets stronger!), Olivia started her career as part of the hit MTV television series ‘The City’, which aired for two seasons from 2008 to 2010. The show followed the personal and professional lives of several young women residing in New York City. As part of the show, Olivia worked for Diane von Furstenberg and Elle Magazine. Being a fashion fanatic growing up, I could only dream of working in New York for a top fashion magazine in my early twenties!

Whilst working on the show in 2009, she signed to the talent agency Wilhelmina International Inc, where she focused full time on the development of her brand. In 2011, Olivia launched her personal website ‘Olivia Palermo’ which consisted of content focused around fashion, beauty and lifestyle – edited by full time writers and contributing editors. It is now a website of carefully curated designs by herself available to order worldwide.

Olivia has been a guest judge on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model; whilst also being named New York Post’s best dressed New Yorker, appearing on numerous covers of magazines including Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Elle and Tatler. Her other recognitions were becoming the first Women’s Global Style Ambassador for Banana Republic.

Olivia resonates with me because of her daring attempts to not just fit in with her fashion sense, but to stand out and captivate people with her unique style. She always looks good, whether she’s dressing to perfection for an event, or just casually popping to the shops; she knows how to draw attention. I love the fact that she incorporates bold prints and bright colours into her style, whilst also staying relaxed with less understated looks. She can also mix casual with dressed up outfits, curating her own looks. On her style inspirations Olivia says the following:

“I really get inspired by stylish girls around the world that I see on the street. Colours, patterns throughout my travels, whatever catches my eye”

For Olivia, I feel her sense of fashion is crafted through her own vison, and not necessarily a trend she is trying to follow. She makes her own fashion rules and is simply influenced by the world around her and everything she sees.

I adore everything fashion, and really feel like I have come into my own over the years with my sense of style. I always like to present myself well, whether that be casually, or dressed up – and the most important thing for me is being comfortable within this, sometthing which I can take a sense of inspiration from.

The look I created in my pictures incorporates a mix of casual with bold. The black jumper is very laid back, teamed with the cropped flared trousers, and standing out with black heels and the statement sunglasses – something Olivia Palermo does very well.

Her work ethic also resonates with me, as she is dedicated to her craft and takes what she does very seriously.

“Work hard, get to bed early, focus and let your work speak for itself”
Olivia Palermo

S x


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