Women Wednesday Wisdom – Rochelle Humes

Image taken from John Frieda

A Woman who I believe is really dominating the UK entertainment industry of late is Rochelle Humes. Not only is she a powerhouse with her sense of fashion, but she is a successful performer and presenter in her own right.

Starting her early career as a member of S Club Juniors, she went on to become 1/5th of the successful band The Saturdays, before venturing out into a career of presenting, hosting shows such as Ninja Warrior UK, This Morning, and most recently The Hit List – Co-hosting with her husband Marvin Humes.

What really strikes me about Rochelle, apart from her impeccable style, is her hard work ethic. In particular – in the last year she has launched a campaign called ‘curls like us’.

The campaign was launched to help spread curl positivity, and to encourage people to embrace their natural curls. As someone who has struggled to embrace my natural hair in the past, I believe that this type of message really does help to promote the importance of embracing who you are, and your true self. Rochelle captured this brilliantly. She decided to start embracing her curls after years of straightening because she was inspired by her two daughters. On why she decided to promote curls she said the following:

“My little girl was four when she told me that she didn’t like her curly hair. The reason why broke my heart. She didn’t like her curls because none of her favourite princesses had curly hair – and neither did her mummy.  At that moment, I decided to embrace my natural hair. I realised what a powerful position I am in, and how by going back to my natural curls it could help my daughters love theirs too – and maybe even encourage some other women to do the same. ”

I remember feeling a similar way when I was younger- why couldn’t I have long sleek hair like all my dolls? Or like the Disney female characters? So messages like Rochelle’s have really helped me in embracing my natural locks myself.

Rochelle resonates with me through her charm and charisma, coming across as a very warm and kind individual – she is the epitome of an everyday woman who has succeeded at what she does through simple passion and dedication.

I absolutely love her fashion sense too. As an ambassador for New Look, she promotes everyday simple and chic styles which are attainable for all. And I for one, think she is always on point with her style – taking inspiration from some of her looks, including an outfit she wore at the Cosmopolitan UK awards where she won Celebrity Influencer of the year.

Such a simple outfit yet bold and certainly creates statement! It’s a style I feel I can incorporate into my wardrobe also.

As well as being a successful entertainer, she is a family woman – devoted to her two daughters and husband, who together make a great team in the entertainment world, and this is something I really admire.

To have a successful career in the glimmering lime light and yet stay very grounded, it’s no wonder Rochelle is an influencer of the year. And however way you want to assume what an influencer is, there is no doubt that she influenced everyday society in some way.


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